VTK Innosystem Water-, Nature- and Environmental Protection Ltd is one of Hungary’s well-known and acknowledged water management and environmental consulting companies that provide professional technical services. Our company gives broad-spectrum support on the fields of water management and environmental protection to governmental, non-governmental, industrial and military customers. As a result, the company’s turnover rises year by year. Our services include scientific and technical consulting, as well as the engineering tasks of water management and environmental protection. Our accredited sampling team, equipped with modern devices, is available for our partners to carry out field examinations. Inside the company there is a separate branch that deals with educational development work, under which we correct and grade national and international public education surveys in Hungary.

Part of our basic business strategy is to set up long-term cooperation with our customers. Throughout our 30 years of presence on the market of water management and environmental protection we have established long-term partnerships with several national and international customers by providing a high level of added value, actually, assignments from our loyal customers account for more than 70% of our work. This business strategy ensures the cost-efficient and successful operation and the steady growth of our company. The loyal circle of customers and the steady growth makes our company attractive for both highly-qualified and experienced professionals and for our national and international partner companies. As a result of this business strategy, our company thrives with a significant establishment on the Hungarian market of environmental protection.

In the past decades, VTK Innosystem Ltd has carried out several successful projects on many different fields. However, the increasing competition on the environmental protection market requires us to continuously develop our services and meanwhile ensure a responsible and fair relation with our customers. There is only one necessary thing to continuous improvement and renewal: a professional team on which our customers can rely and lean on.


VTK Innosystem Ltd, as VITUKI Innosystem Ltd, was founded in 1989 by the Water Resources Research Center (VITUKI Plc.) and three former researchers. At the beginning, the company profile was similar to that of the parent company, but soon, as a result of the regime change and our anticipated joining the EU, the company has extended its scope of business to many other fields of environmental protection. After the initial setup of the company with only three employees in 1989, we now have a large staff of experts in a wide range of field of interests and a wide network of external experts and partner institutions.


head office in Budapest

1117 Budapest, Prielle Kornélia u. 47-49.
+36(1) 215-8857

regional office in Győr

9026 Győr, Kagyló utca 6.
+36(96) 822-354